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Home remedies for acne are household items such as oils, fruits, vegetables, and other items that are generally not labeled acne treatments, but that have been passed down over the years by word of mouth as having an effect on acne. With most home remedies for acne there is little to no scientific evidence that shows that the home remedies are as effective and efficient at getting rid of acne as over the counter acne treatments. At the very least a remedy may have been found to have similar effects on acne with fewer side effects.

Home remedies for pimples.

There are many home remedies for acne that can be used for a pimple spot treatment. The following remedies make the cut at being the best pimple spot treatment home remedies.

Honey in a jug surrounded by leaves and flowers.

Lemon juice for acne at home.

Fresh squeezed lemon juice from half of a lemon can be applied to the entire face undiluted for acne. You can also squeeze a tiny amount onto a plate to be used in small amounts on the end of a q-tip for spots. Either way you chose to use lemon juice topically use the remaining juice in a cup of warm water for a lemon juice acne cleanse. The lemon juice will only keep for a few days. We recommend to only use lemon juice topically once a week to avoid causing dry skin and irritation. Wear a sunscreen that will not clog your pores after using lemon juice in the daytime or only apply it at night because lemon juice makes the skin sensitive to the sun.

Before applying lemon juice to your face test a small amount on the back of your hand. If the juice severely irritates the skin dilute the juice with a splash of water then test a small amount again to see if it lessens the sting. Create a mixture of lemon juice in water (if needed) that feels comfortable on the back of your hand before applying it even in small amounts to the face. Test a small amount again on your face and once again if the mixture is too strong dilute it with some more water. This is a very important step because if your skin is sensitive to the lemon juice it will likely make acne worse.

Aspirin for acne at home.

Aspirin is the best salicylic acid home remedy for getting rid of a pimple overnight. Crush up about a quarter of an uncoated aspirin or sprinkle a little less than a quarter teaspoon (just enough to cover the spot) of BC powdered aspirin onto a plate. Add a small amount of water starting with a few drops, just enough to turn the powder into a thick paste. Wash your hands then gently dab (no scrubbing) the paste onto the spot. Apply a band-aid over the area, leave it on overnight then when you wake up rinse the aspirin powder off and use a gentle cleanser to wash your face. Do not reapply aspirin in the same spot for at least two weeks otherwise your skin will grow tolerant to it. Aspirin can also be used as a full face mask to treat acne and reduce redness. Use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher in it before going out into the sun after applying aspirin for acne.

Honey for acne at home.

Use manuka honey in the same way mentioned for the aspirin spot treatment. Place a small amount of honey onto the spot and use a band-aid to keep the honey from smearing overnight. Rinse in the morning and wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Manuka honey is OK to use nightly. Regular honey is not as effective, but is less expensive and can be used in the same way mentioned with manuka honey to treat a pimple overnight. When using regular honey go with organic for the best results. Manuka honey can be found in the organic section of a grocery store or at a local health food store.

Ice for acne at home.

Ice is one of the best remedies for getting rid of a pimple. It is an easy remedy that should be done three times throughout the day for the best results. Wrap an ice cube with a paper towel. Trickle some water onto the paper towel (just a few drops) to get the end with the ice cube a little damp. Gently hold the wrapped ice cube over the pimple for ten to fifteen minutes. Do not press down on the pimple. If the area gets too cold pull the ice cube off and reapply when you feel comfortable. In the morning the pimple will be less noticeable. This remedy also helps to reduce swelling, and it can be used to more quickly fade dark spots after a pimple has been popped.

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Jul 152012
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Jun 282012
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Jun 262012
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Jun 252012
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Jun 242012
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Jun 222012
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Apr 062012
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