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Caffeine by itself isn’t necessarily an acne remedy. It does however improve the surface of the skin, leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth, and also has a glowing after effect.

Caffeine is an anti-aging ingredient, so it will help with wrinkles, and another benefit to using caffeine is that it removes toxins and impurities. There are not any antibacterial or anti-inflammatory properties to caffeine. However, the benefits for using coffee grinds is that not only will you get all the benefits that caffeine has on the skin, but the coffee grinds will also exfoliate away dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. So to get the most out of using coffee as an acne remedy do not use caffeine-free. Coffee also has drying astringent-like properties that help with the overproduction of oil meaning less acne from oily skin. Do not use this remedy if you have any type of inflammatory acne or are prone to have inflammatory breakouts.

Exfoliate with coffee for acne.

All you need to make this home remedy for acne are one tablespoon of coffee grinds, two tablespoons of water, and a bowl. Pour the coffee grinds and water into the bowl. This remedy is pretty messy so place the bowl in a sink to keep the mess under control. Mix the coffee grinds and water with your fingers. The coffee grinds and water should make a paste that is not runny when you apply it. Gently exfoliate and cover your face with the coffee grinds lightly rubbing while letting the coffee grinds gently glide across the skin avoiding sensitive areas such as the eye area, eye brows, and keep a quarter-inch away from the mouth. It should take less than a minute to gently exfoliate and cover your face with the grinds. Leave the coffee grinds on the skin for five to ten minutes then rinse. If you rub your skin with coffee grinds too harshly it may cause skin damage.

Coffee beans

Do not use coffee for acne daily.

Exfoliating too often can cause breakouts from irritation and dry skin. Exfoliate at most once a week if you have average skin and once every other week if you have dry or sensitive skin. The coffee grinds are rough and because of the drying effects, you should avoid using coffee for acne if you have really sensitive skin.

More tips for using coffee acne remedies.

Wear a shirt you do not mind getting stained by the coffee grinds. Also, do not use flavored coffee to avoid putting artificial flavors on your skin. Your face will smell strongly of coffee, this is a good or bad thing depending on if you like the smell or not. If you don’t like the smell just apply the remedy at night before going to bed. Gently washing with a cleanser using a generous amount of lather will take away some of the smell.

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