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The best way to prevent dark spots from forming is to not pick or poke at pimples. Picking and poking at pimples causes the pimples to become irritated increasing the chances of a dark spot and/or acne scar forming. Touching acne prone skin also increases irritation and causes the skin to come into contact with more oils increasing the chance of more pimples forming. Although pimples may leave behind a dark spot regardless (sometimes dark spots just happen no matter what), waiting until a pimple has fully matured before popping makes a big difference as to whether a dark spot and/or scar will form. Click here to learn how to pop a pimple correctly to minimize dark spots and visible acne scars. If you pop a pimple in the correct way the skin should not be puffy or red. You can make your skin less puffy, red, and treat dark spots at the same time by using ice as a home remedy for dark spots and redness.

Home remedies for dark spots.

Use an ice cube to start the dark spot treatment. Slightly dampen an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel with a few droplets of water and gently hold it over the affected area for ten to fifteen minutes to reduce swelling and redness. Hold the ice cube over the area for as long as you can stand the cold. Pull it off and repeat throughout the ten to fifteen minutes. Do not press down on the affected area to avoid more swelling. Continue treatment by applying the same remedy for each day to the dark spots until no more fading occurs.

Vitamin E oil is one of the best home remedies for dark spots. Make a mixture of one part organic vitamin e oil and four parts organic jojoba oil. The jojoba oil will cause the vitamin e oil to absorb into the skin without clogging pores. Jojoba oil also happens to help with dark spots as well. Add five to six drops of the mixture to a cotton ball or square and apply it to the area after popping. Repeat daily until no more fading occurs.

Tea tree oil diluted in aloe vera gel is another remedy that contains two remedies in one that help with dark spots. To dilute tea tree oil in aloe vera gel wear protective goggles and gloves, use a dropper to add fifteen drops of tea tree oil to one fl oz (thirty mL) of aloe vera gel. Apply half a teaspoon worth to your entire face while avoiding the eye area. Do not apply tea tree oil undiluted. And do not make batches larger than one fl oz. Click here to learn more about safely diluting and apply tea tree oil for acne and dark spots.

Any home remedy for dark spots can take up to three months or sometimes longer to see the full effect it has on scars. Usually you will begin to see faded dark spots within a weeks time.

Home remedies for acne and dark spots.

Uncoated aspirin in a package of ten with two missing.

Letting the treatment you use in your acne routine do its job dealing with pimples is the best option for dealing with problem pimples. We also know that sometimes pimples need to be made less noticeable. When this happens you have the option of applying a pimple spot treatment remedy. At night apply a small amount of honey or a crushed uncoated aspirin in five to six drops of water on large pimples. Place a band-aid over the area, let it sit overnight, and in the morning the pimple will be less noticeable. Aspirin and honey can also be applied individually or together to fade already existing dark spots.

You can also use the ice cube remedy to help reduce the redness and size of a pimple. Hold the ice cube wrapped in a paper towel over the pimple barely letting it touch the surface to keep the bacteria as close to the surface as possible. Repeat the same fifteen minute process as previously mentioned for scars three times throughout the day. You will notice a significant reduction of the pimple’s size in the morning.

More tips to prevent dark spots.

Do not squeeze or try to remove blackheads with a blackhead removal tool. Most blackheads are too deep seated to be removed without causing skin damage. Steam your face regularly once a week then apply a salicylic acid or clay mask to help clear up blackheads. Applying tea tree oil diluted in aloe vera gel daily to your entire face (avoid the eye area) will also help get rid of blackheads, acne, and as previously mentioned dark spots.

Do not try to pop deep severe acne called nodules and cysts. Nodules and cysts do not come out to the upper layer of the skin, trying to pop them can make the infection, dark spots, and more importantly scarring worse. A dermatologist can inject cortisone into nodules or cysts to reduce swelling and scarring. The only type of acne that can be popped causing the least amount of skin damage are pustules aka pimples. Wait until a pimple is fully matured, about to burst on its own before popping. To learn how to pop a pimple causing the least amount of scarring click here.

Quick tip for when trying to prevent dark spots after popping pimples. Over the counter ointments such as Neosporin contain acne fighting ingredients, but are paired with ingredients that can clog pores. Do not use over the counter ointments to treat your dark spots on the face otherwise they may make your acne worse.

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  1. This article was really useful. it’s pretty straight forward and it did solve my problem.

  2. I put on lemon juice from fresh lemon onto my face for the first time, and leave it with faical cotton for about 15mins. I can see a little bit different now

    • Lemon juice is one of the best remedies for dark spots because it contains a small amount of gylcolic acid that helps to exfoliate the skin.

  3. Great post! Im gooing to try the aspirin remedies definitely, I love aspirin and now I can use it for yet another ailment! Thanks!

  4. Try the Lady Soma line of products – the Antioxidant Berry Mask has helped clear up my acne and I’ve noticed the scars are slowly fading. I use the Renewal Serum during the day and after washing my face before bed I use the Antioxidant Berry Mask (Smells AMAZING!). Our skin is very important and fragile, take care of it right!

    • An antioxidant berry mask should help to fade dark spots and treat acne at the same time kind of like the antioxidants in green tea do.

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